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Weekly Idol / 주간 아이돌 – Update Ep 356

please pay attention These two color Orange & Midnight Blue color means it’s without sub, color with sub is THIS & SRT sub is THIS  

Episode 277 (Black Pink):  480pfull   Indonesian sub

Episode 278 (kyuhyun member of superjunior): with English sub—–> 360p full

Episode 284 (Bigbang):  with English sub—–> 480pfull     Indonesian sub

Episode 285 (Bigbang):   480pfull   English sub   Indonesian sub

Episode 286 (Shinhwa):  with English sub—–> 540pfull     Indonesian sub

Episode 287 (Shinhwa):  with English sub—–> 540pfull     Indonesian sub

Episode 288 ( VICTON+Pentagon+Momoland):  with English sub—–> 360p part1   360p part2

Episode 289 (Big bang+NCT):   480pfull     English sub   Indonesian sub

Episode 294 (Got7):   360p       720p(HD)      English sub     Indonesian sub

Episode 295 (Highlight):   720p part 1    720p part 2   English sub—> part1   part2    Indonesian sub

Episode 296 (Highlight+KNK):  360p full(uploadboy)   720p part1   720p part2    English sub—> 480p

Episode 297 (Monstar X):  360pfull   720p part 1    720p part2

Episode 298 (oh my girls): 480pfull   English sub  Indonesian sub

Episode 299 (Exid):  360pfull  360pfull  720p part1   720p part2

Episode 300 (Heechul, Hani, Ilhoon, SinB): 360p  720p(uploadboy)  720p(upera) English sub(the sub is not mine I just upload it)

Indonesian sub

Episode 301 (Winner):  540pfull     540pfull     720p part1    720p part2    480pfull

Episode 302 (Cross gene+SF9):  720p part1   720p part2  360pfull  360pfull     

Episode 303 (Twice):  480p part1  480p part2       720p part1  720p part2      480p part1  480p part2

Episode 304 (Twice):  360p    540p

Episode 305 (Hyuna Triple H): 540p

Episode 306 (IKON):    240p  360p    720p part1   720p part2     720p part1      720p part2

indonesian sub

Episode 307(Astro) :   540p   720p part1    720p part2    540p     720pfull English     720pfull English   

Episode 308(Seventeen) :   720pfull      720pfull    720pEnglishCut  720pEnglishCut

Episode 309(A-Pink) :   540p   540p     (Good Quality like 720p)

Episode 310(BlackPinck) :    360p  360p   540p   540p      720pEnglishCut     720pEnglishCut

Episode 311 :    360p   720p    360p    720p

Episode 312 (B.I.G+Map6+MATILDA) :  360p   540p   360p   540p

Episode 313 (Mamamoo+G.Friend) :    part1  part2      part1  part2

Episode 314 (Kim Jong Kook, Turbo):    540p    540p

Episode 315 (wanna one) :    360P  360p   720pPart1  720pPart2   720pPart1  720pPart2

Episode 316 (wanna one) :      720p   720p

Episode 317 :      540p   540p   720p   720p

Episode 318 (NU’EST, Pristin) :     360p   360p   720pPart1  720pPart2   720pPart1  720pPart2

Episode 319 (NU’EST, Pristin) :     360p  720p   360p  720p

Episode 320 (GFriend, Pristin, Golden Child)540p  540p   720p   720p

Episode 321 (GFriend) :   360p   480p   360p   480p   720p part1  720p part2

Episode 322 (GFriend, B1A4) :      360p  360p   720p part1  720p part2  720p part1  720p part2

Episode 323 (Highlight, VICTON, Oh My Girl, GOT7) :      480p 720p part1  720p part2  480p 720p part1  720p part2

Episode 324 (GOT7, Sunmi, EXID, Apink) :  480p  480p    720p part1 720p part2  720p part1  720p part2

Episode 325 (Infinite + Highlight) :  360p  360p  720p part1  720p part2   720p part1  720p part2

Episode 326 (Produce 101(Samuel & Jeong Sae woon & JBJ & M×M)) :  360p  720p     360p  720p

Episode 327 (Twice) :  360p 480p 720p   360p 480p 720p   

Episode 328 (Super junior) :  720p part1  720p part2   360p part1  360p part2  720p part1  720p part2  360p part1  360p part2    English sub SRT

Episode 329 (Super junior):      360p Full   360p Full   720p Full    720p Full    English sub SRT

Episode 330 (Block B) : 720p part1  720pPart2   720p Part1  720p Part2  540p Full   540P Full    720p(X265) Full  720p(X265) Full

Episode 331 (Red Velvet) : 540p  540p   720p  720p

Episode 332 (Rain) : 540p  540p   720p  720p

Episode 333 (UHM JUNG HWA) : 480p  480p

Episode 334 (Exid) : 480p  480p

Episode 335 (iKON, Super Junior, Wanna One) : 480p  480p

Episode 336 (?) : 360p  360p  480p  480p

Episode 337 (Infinite) : 480p  480p

Episode 338 : 540p   540p

Episode 339 (HWAN HEE, WHEE SUNG): 480p  480p

Episode 340 (Boa): 450p  450p

Episode 341 (Ikon): 450p  450p

Episode 342 (Seventeen): 450p part1  450p part2  

Episode 343 (?): 540p   540p   540p 

Episode 344 (?):  480p  480p

Episode 345 (MAMAMOO):  450p part1  450p part2    450p part1  450p part2

Episode 346 (GOT7): 450p  450p 450p  450p 450p  

Episode 347 (NCT U): 450p part1 450p part2  450p part1 450p part2  450p part1 450p part2 

Episode 348: 540p   540p   540p 

Episode 349: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 350: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 351: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 352: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 353: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 354: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 355: 540p   540p   540p

Episode 356: 540p   540p   540p




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