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Knowing Bros – 아는 형님 – Update Ep 140 ✓✓

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The program’s original cast consisted of Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Young-chul, Kim Hee-chul, Hwang Chi-yeul and Kim Se-hwang.Min Kyung-hoon was added to the cast formation on the second episode aired on December 12, 2015. Hwang Chi-yeul and Kim Se-hwang left the program after the seventh episode aired on January 16, 2016. Lee Sang-min joined the program as the newest addition to the cast on March 5, 2016.


 E60 —>       540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E60

(Park Mi-sun, Jo Hye-ryun, Sol Bi, Hong Jin-young, Oh Nami, Cao Lu (Fiestar), Yoon Chae-kyung (April))

 E61 —>       540P  720p(x265)    540P  720p(x265)       English sub E61

(Jo Woo-jong, Jung So-min)

  E62 —>       540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E62   

(Leeteuk, Shindong (Super Junior))

  E63 —>       540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E63

(Seohyun (Girls’ Generation), Lee Joon)

  E64 —>       540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E64

(Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-ah)

  E65 —>       540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E65 

(Seo Ye-ji, Oh Ji-ho)

  E66 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E66

(Kim Hee-sun)

  E67 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E67

(Henry (Super Junior-M), Han Eun-jung)

  E68 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E68

(Girl’s Day)

  E69 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E69

(Lee Kyung-kyu)

  E70 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E70

(Jung Joon-young, Lee Sun-bin)

  E71 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E71


    E72 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E72

(Park Sung-woong, Chae Jung-an)

E73 —>        540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E73

(Ock Joo-hyun, Yoon Jong-shin)

    E74 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E74


    E75 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E75


    E76 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E76


    E77 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E77

(Oh Hyun-kyung, DinDin)

  E78 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E78

(Lee Soo-kyung, Lee Hong-gi)

  E79 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E79

(Kim Ok-bin)

  E80 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E80

(Kim So-eun, John Park, Hwang Chi-yeul)

  E81 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E81


  E82 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E82

(Minzy, Han Chae-young)

  E83 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E83

(Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE), Zico (Block B))

  E84 —>      540P  720p(x265)     540P  720p(x265)       English sub E84

(Red Velvet)

  E85 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)       English sub E85    Indonesian sub


  E86 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)       English sub E86    Indonesian sub

(Kim Jong Kook, Lee Jong Hyuk)

  E87 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)    English sub E87    Indonesian sub


  E88 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)    English sub E88    Indonesian sub

(Girls Generation)

  E89 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)    English sub  E89    Indonesian sub

(Girls Generation)

  E90 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)    English sub E90    Indonesian sub

(Taeyang Bigbang,Minho Winner)

  E91 —>      540P  720P(x265)Ⓚ   540P  720P(x265)Ⓚ   English sub E91    Indonesian sub

(Yoo Jun Sang, Jang Yun Jeong)

  E92 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)    English sub E92    Indonesian sub

(Hyuna, NU’EST’s JR, Park Sung Kwang)

  E93 —>      540P  720P(x265)     540P  720P(x265)    English sub E93    Indonesian sub   


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E94 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English sub E94    Indonesian sub  


E95 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English sub E95    Indonesian sub  

(Park Mi-sun, Jo Hye-ryun, Hong Jin-young, Han Sun-hwa, Lee Tae-im, Jang Do-yeon)

E96 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English sub E96    Indonesian sub  

(Park Mi-sun, Jo Hye-ryun, Hong Jin-young, Han Sun-hwa, Lee Tae-im, Jang Do-yeon)

E97—>  540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ              English sub E97    Indonesian sub


E98 —>  540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English sub E98 

(Yoon Jung-soo, Ha Yeon-soo)

E99 —>  540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English sub E99  

(Lee Ha-nui)

E100 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 100 

(Super Junior (Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae))

E101 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 101

(Han Hye-jin, Lee Si-eon)

E102 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 102

(Sung Dong-il, Goo Hara)

E103 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 103

(Jin Goo, Go Joon-hee)

E104 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 104
(Jang Yoon-ju, Sunmi) 
E105 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 105
(Yoon Se-ah, Junho (2PM))
E106 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            English Sub 106
(Sechs Kies)
E107 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ            
(No guests)
E108 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
(Oh My Girl)
E109 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E110 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E111 —> 540p               | 540P  
E112 —> 540p               | 540P  
E113 —> 540p               | 540P  
E114 —> 540p               | 540P  
E115 —> 540p               | 540P  
E116 —> 540p               | 540P  
E117 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E118 —540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ  EN Sub (Thanks to rav09 for re-synced)
E119 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ  EN Sub (Thanks to rav09 for re-synced)
E120 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E121 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E122 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E123 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E124 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E125 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E126 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E127 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E128 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E129 —> 540p  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E130 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E131 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E132 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E133 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E134 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E135 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E136 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ
E137 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P 720p(x265)Ⓚ
E138 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P 720p(x265)Ⓚ
E139 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P 720p(x265)Ⓚ
E140 —> 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P  720p(x265)Ⓚ | 540P 720p(x265)Ⓚ

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