Chiisana Kyojin (2017)

Title: 小さな巨人 / Chiisana Kyojin
Genre: Detective
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2017-Apr-16 to 2017-Jun-30
Air time: Sunday 21:00


Chief Kosaka of the No. 1 Investigative Enforcement Division is highly talented and is thought to be a sure choice for Superintendent in the future. This year, however, although he was successful in solving this year’s third HQ incident, a mistake made in the investigative process has caused him to be demoted to another post. Although he has wandered from the fast track to promotion, his new co-workers do their best – in their own feckless way – to solve petty incidents, always believing in their own sense of justice. As Kosaka reflects on his mission as a policeman and his own thoughts on justice, he learns to believe in himself as he fights against “evil.” A thrilling drama about men fighting for justice within a giant organization, the Police.


E01 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E02 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E03 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E04 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E05 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E06 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E07 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E08 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E09 – 540p -> MirrorCreator
E10 – 540p -> MirrorCreator

E01 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E02 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E03 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E04 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E05 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E06 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E07 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E08 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E09 – 720p -> MirrorCreator
E10 – 720p -> MirrorCreator


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